Getting Away: Getaway

Donavan Colan in  Getaway . Written by James Legis, Directed by Christine Vartoughian

Donavan Colan in Getaway. Written by James Legis, Directed by Christine Vartoughian

I've been BG silent for the past week and a half. 

I have not disappeared.

I have not died.




I was directing a short film in Canada. This is what the BG work is supplanting after all, so I felt it was okay to take a break from the blog/essay writing. I returned this week, exhausted in all ways and instead of words, these stills are what I have to share:

Getaway , starring James Legris and Ellen Toland

Getaway, starring James Legris and Ellen Toland

Donovan Colan as Danny

Donovan Colan as Danny

Getaway , James Legris as River

Getaway, James Legris as River

Getaway  starring Lisa King

Getaway starring Lisa King

Shooting this film has been a major experience and I'm really glad to have had it. There are so many stories filled with the most interesting of characters, both fictional and non, that I look forward to telling for the rest of my life. But that epic saga will be a whole other entry, mostly because I'm still figuring out what I think (and hope) I learned, but also because I'm tired as fuck. Nonetheless, I have been through the rain and I return back to NYC and back to BG life stronger than I was before, like a captain steering a ship home through a storm.

And what a magnificent storm it was.